Meet the team and learn more about us!

Why pick us??

We are a reputable BBB Accredited company with a ton of happy reviews. Besides, I HIGHLY recommend you get a quote from our competitors and an agent (several actually) to make sure you know the value of your home before you accept random offers. Meet the team and learn more about us!

Meet Our Team!

Nelson Del Castillo – C.E.O

Dayris Del Castillo – Office Manager

Louise SSocial Media Manager

Maria J – Customer Support

Ernest D – Assistant Acquisitions Manager

 Gevel C –  Office Assistant Manager

No need to tidy up!

If we say “We buy houses as is”, we mean, As Is, in ANY condition! Take what you need and leave the rest. When you offer your home to “We buy houses in Connecticut”, indeed that is right. Food in the ice chest, soil on the floor, garments, rubble, garbage, or furniture, it doesn’t make any difference how terrible it is.

The Cash Offer Express Team

We are the owners of these very successful businesses, that quite honestly, overlap and complement the other in a somewhat symbiotic relationship. To remain in the flipping business, we needed an influx of people in need to sell their houses for cash. Not many people know about cash home buyers, which has proven to be a challenge for most businesses like ours. But not us! We have mastered the art of Marketing so that good folks like you can easily find us to sell your house in a fair, reliable, and fast way.